SEO for Mobile Devices

Optimising for Mobile Devices & Voice Assistants

Isn’t SEO for mobile and desktop the same?

Although, the fundamentals of SEO apply to all devices, there are some important differences that need to be factored in within your overall SEO strategy.

Some interesting facts below:

Global mobile data traffic is forecast to increase from 7 exabytes per month in 2016 to 49 exabytes per month by 2021.

Mobile traffic skyrocketed when smart devices became mainstream.

Do you know what percentage of internet traffic came from a mobile device in 2018?

In 2016 global mobile traffic bypassed data traffic generated by desktop devices and has been increasing its lead ever since.

In 2018 mobile traffic had already solidified the lead, with 52.2% of the total internet website traffic.

What is Mobile SEO?

Mobile SEO is look at specific ways to optimise for mobile devices and focus on factors that have a big impact on those devices. Mobile optimisation factors include site design, mobile UX, site structure, mobile page speed along with any other factors that may impede the user experience and journey.

Page speed for Mobile Devices

For those on the move, connectivity can be an issue but even for those on 4G you want to ensure your website isn’t too labour intensive.  It’s important to compress and optimise images, as well as minify code, leverage browser caching and reduce redirects. Click here for our dedicated page on Page Speed. 

Tips for Mobile Optimisation