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What is Content Marketing Optimisation Consultancy?

A specialist service either provided by a Content Marketing Consultant or an agency team. Their services focus on providing expert advice on idea generation and creating a content strategy. Helping to build content that educates and triggers actions from your target audience.

What is involved with Content Optimisation?

Any functional Content Marketing Optimisation Consultant should analyse and review the content on your website and social media campaigns. They are investigating and identifying whether the content is readable, relevant, relatable, engaging and shareable.

Relationship between Content Marketing Optimisation (CMO) and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Google likes to know that a website is active. By updating your content regularly, Google will revisit and index your site time and again. You are thereby helping your on-going SEO effort. Fresh content will also attract both new and returning visitors. Having a content marketing strategy can help with this.

Ensuring your content is shared across social media platforms promotes inbound links and shareability of your content. The overall goal is to drive traffic back to your site where you have the highest amount of brand message control and analytical insight.

Do you write content?

More than not, we do not write content or source writers for your business. When dealing with B2B clients in specialist or technical areas, it can be better the content is written in-house by a subject matter expert. We can assess, review and optimise your content. By sharing your content, we can ensure that you attain the maximum benefit. We can also advise on the topics and areas you should be covering to fill any content gaps and to promote overall authority in your industry.

Do you take care of the social media sharing?

Social Media Optimisation (SMO) is another part of CMO that needs executing correctly. Pitfalls are common, even with the best article or blog post. Should you fail to get the user to click into your article, they may not find out what you have to say. There is always an element of trial and error; if there is a review and measurement process in place, you can analyse what doesn't work and what works. What generates engagement; such as likes, retweets, shares and website visits. Sometimes this can be down to an engaging headline/title or an emotive image.

So why is social media engagement and shares important to SEO?

The more that your content is shared, the more exposure your content and websites harbours. Social media platforms are trusted sources in Google's eyes and Google is looking to rank trusted brands. A strong social media following and engagement rates prove your brand is to be trusted. Your overall aim should be to become an authority within your chosen field. If you establish a strong social media following, you can benefit from your audience acting as amplifiers of your content. Then ultimately do not need to rely on social media advertising for your posts and content to be seen.

Search ranking algorithms like content that is linked. Especially in a short amount of time. Therefore linked content should rank higher. However, you still need to ensure the content is quality content and encourages the user not to bounce off it. There are different ways to encourage the user to stay on a page. Using long-form content is one way, as is toggled FAQ content. Another way might be by embedded video content.

Newly established Business / Brand? What can you do?

If your business is new, you may want to consider some paid for advertising. In social media advertisingthere are numerous options, such as LinkedIn sponsored updates, Facebook/Instagram Ads) and Google Ads (Pay Per Click). You should also ensure the content on your website is comprehensive with lots of authoritative, useful, relevant and shareable text. You can offer guides, infographics, white papers, video tutorials, posts with useful tips, techniques, tutorials. These establish your brand as something useful, noteworthy and worth sharing.

The Importance of Content Analysis

Readability is an essential factor for your content. Thousands of words of text full of long sentences and no paragraphs is off-putting and overwhelming to read. Google understands readability and how well your content is explaining a given subject matter. Especially true since the rise of Hummingbird and more recently, BERT.

Below shows a before and after analysis of this page's content. A feature found within the handy SEO Wordpress Plugin by Yoast. It was not easy to meet the tool's criteria as Active Voice can sound bossy and impolite. An important note to mention is for those clients operating in technical and specialist fields, such as legal and technology. It is not always easy to meet specific content analysis tool criteria. However, you should factor in an element of relativeness as your competition face a similar challenge. So try and stay ahead of the competition as opposed to obtaining a perfect score from a third party content analysis tool or Wordpress plugin.

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