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Who is SEO Strategy Ltd?

We are a specialist digital marketing agency focussing on SEO strategy & Web Design. SEO is our passion. However, a true SEO strategy does not operate in a silo and only focus on SEO. Our clients needs are different and we want to ensure we are flexible to fulfil their requirements. But we will encourage there to be a long-term focus on promoting positive SEO. Sean Mullins started building websites in 2006 under the name of Perception Marketing. Around 2010-12 it was clear to us, just building a website was only half the job. This encouraged the move to focus on SEO but understanding the importance of web design. It’s easier for us to build sites with SEO in the heart of the build. We try and encourage clients not to treat SEO as an afterthought. However, this is not always possible and this is where starting with an SEO Audit can be beneficial. It can help to lay down a very honest picture of the current situation.

Why focus on SEO?

Why do we love SEO so much? For us it’s the fact that there is a real focus on quality, relevance, usefulness and most importantly the user experience is paramount. SEO used to be easy to implement deceptive tactics and achieve top rankings. However, the emphasis is now about brands that are credible and can be trusted. SEO is certainly more of a long-term strategy but the results can be long-lasting. Most marketing strategies can benefit when user experience and journey is placed at the forefront of thinking.

A website built with SEO in mind is very different to a website being built to just look pretty. When SEO is factored aspects such as site architecture, keyword focus, user experience, user journey, speed, performance, indexability / crawlability, best practices, content usefulness, conversion potential are all brought into the mix. This is before the site has even started to be built.

Google Ads / Pay Per Click can inform SEO Strategy and vice versa. So we like to ensure there isn’t a disconnect between Google Ads management and organic SEO efforts.

Do you only offer SEO?

The short answer to this question is no. As a consultancy focussing on strategic SEO where the goal is to get our clients more enquires and business, we have to look at different areas of the digital spectrum. Below is a list of some of the other areas and services we offer in addition to Search Engine Optimisation:

  • Branding
  • Web Development (WordPress)
  • Content Marketing / Idea Generation
  • Google Ads / Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Social Media Optimisation and Advertising (LinkedIN Sponsored Updates etc)
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation
  • Executive Coaching

RankBrain forever changed the way we optimise our websites content for search engines. If, in 2015, RankBrain was used to operate and interpret 15-20% of search queries, now Google uses RankBrain as a part of its core algorithm. Moreover it applies its AI system for re-ranking search results. RankBrain doesn’t punish websites, but rather elevates or demotes them by relevance. How can you optimise for RankBrain? Ideally, you will need to learn how to read your targeted audience’s minds. But in real life, you will need to optimise your website for LSI keywords and contextual clues instead of standalone keywords. The more your search results are clicked through, the more chances search engines will count it as the most relevant for searchers. In this case, your structured data is the sure firepath to driving your potential readers. If you are not mobile-friendly in 2020, you won’t make friends with Google and your targeted customers.

Results Driven & Integrated Marketing for Optimum ROI

Some of our first websites were built in circa 2007/8 when SEO was a lot simpler and often an oversight. However, my career as a Digital Marketing Consultant meant I was able to encourage my clients not to overlook the power of effective Search Engine Optimisation which a basic motto of “what’s the point of a pretty website if no one can find it?” In 2020 this remains just as true but seldom over looked by companies who are serious about their online presence and digital efforts.

User Experience (UX) & Online Perception

With an unfaltering belief in brand and the power of brand Perception Digital has been able to build strong, long-term relationships with clients who share this belief. A perception of a brand and can make or break a business. A client can dominate Google rankings and Social Media presence but if there is no confidence in the brand and the business it can be difficult to encourage repeat visits and longevity.

Message from The Owner:

“I’ve always said what is the point of a pretty website if no one can find it. However, so many business treat SEO as a dark art, an afterthought and something you can just bolt on later. But when a site is built with SEO at the heart of the build it performs so much better and important considerations are laid into the foundation rather than trying to unpicked and tacked on later down the line.

For those clients who are in early doors, early adopters and focus on a brand that is informative and authoritative within their chosen field serves their digital marketing efforts well. Just stuffing popular keywords that are expected to convert and acting in a deceptive or spammy is not the way to go.

About SEO Strategy: SEO Agency Southampton, Hampshire

So many times I’ve been contacted after the big launch or relaunch of a site and a lot of time, awkward conversations could have been saved. The importance of factoring SEO into your overall digital marketing strategy can not be underestimated because it will impact on decision with PPC (Google Ads), Content Marketing, Brand Proposition. Adopting a holistic and integrated approach will benefit your brand in the long-term whilst making that phone ring and enquiry forms hitting your inbox”.

Build. Promote. Convert. Protect.

We have three core values that perfectly embody what we do. The focus on brand is paramount and we strive to:

  • Build brands people can trust and respect.
  • Promote your brand to the right audience, enhancing visits and conversions.
  • Covert website visits into business and profit

Successfully bridging the power of perception and digital technologies can create a truly successful business not only from those perceiving your business but profitability. A true beauty of digital resides in its ability to be measured and this is an aspect that at SEO Consultancy London we are not afraid to exploit.

The more successful our clients are, the more successful we are. It’s that simple!

Sean Mullins Experienced SEO Consultant Southampton, Hampshire & London
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