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The SEO Strategy Agency is a specialist Digital Conversion Marketing Agency placing a result-driven focus on brand perception, SEO and Conversion Rate Optimisation. The digital toolbox offers a multitude of possibilities to maximise online reach and market penetration. Still, at SEO Strategy, we believe in developing procedures that will convert and work for your business. As a Virtual Digital Agency, we promote ourselves across the UK with clients across the country but in particular Southampton, Hampshire, London and Manchester. We’ve helped many businesses that supply professional services or products across many industry sectors to improve their online visibility.

Professional SEO Services: Build. Promote. Convert.

Our range of digital and SEO Services include; Technical SEO Audits, Local SEO, Mobile Strategy & SEO, WordPress Web Development, Video SEO, Hosting for Site Speed & SEO Performance, Google Ads (PPC). Whether you’re local business based in Hampshire or a big company in London, please feel free to check out our services to see if you think we can add value to your business to help you rank and convert.

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Below are some SEO FAQs that we hope will help you 🙂

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It is the practice of getting your site found by potentials clients and customers.

How does SEO work?

Although Google has never confirmed it, SEOs have generated a list of approximately 200 ranking factors that contribute to optimising a website effectively within search engines. These factors breakdown into four pillars; technical SEO, On-site Optimisation, Content (is king), Off-site authority building.

Do I need an SEO Consultant?

The short answer is no. There are many websites and youtube video offering SEO basics and SEO tutorials. However, hiring the services of a Strategic SEO Agency can enhance and fine-tune your SEO efforts by taking them to the next level. Any SEO Consultancy will analyse, audit and produce an SEO package. The plan should be tailored to your business along with a strong focus on results. It is important to identify opportunities, goals and conversions. Only hire the services of an SEO Agency if your business plan can justify the investment and expense. SEO is a long game with no shortcuts or quick overnight successes.

How much does an SEO Consultant / SEO Agency cost?

An SEO Consultant may charge a day rate (circa £250-£500 per day). An SEO agency may suggest a monthly fixed-fee retainer and these can vary considerably (anywhere between £500 to £5,000 per month). It all depends on the level of investment you are willing to make. By being clear about what resources you have in-house. By having a clear agreement and SEO, you may be able to negotiate the rate. Some clients like a fully managed serviced where the SEO Agency handles everything from copywriting and website updates to social media management. They may label themselves as a full services digital agency. Remember that you tend to get what you pay for, and if it seems too good to be true, then it usually is.

How much does SEO cost in Southampton, Hampshire?

SEO agencies tend to work on a monthly retainer basis. SEO is a long-term undertaking and needs regular, consistent monitoring and implementation. A monthly SEO retainer would cost anywhere in the region of £500-£5,000 a month. This will largely depend on the scope of work, number of services. Make sure to give a detailed brief as possible so your SEO Agency can supply an accurate quote.

Should I use a SEO Consultancy local to my business or are London SEO Consultants better?

Your personal preference might determine how you want to proceed. However, with the power of today’s technology, it is not essential to be based locally. Especially amid the Covid-19 pandemic, businesses have adapted and utilised working from home. It is better to find an SEO agency that is the right fit for your business and schedule in monthly or quarterly meetings. At The SEO Strategy Consultancy, we have clients all over the UK (London, Manchester, Southampton etc). An SEO Consultant in London is arguably competing in a more saturated market than somewhere outside of London such as Southampton. Therefore, if they stand out, they may be more skilled or focus a lot on their marketing and SEO efforts on personal promotion. However, nothing beats a personal recommendation. Sometimes a smaller virtual agency can offer more value for money, due to lower overheads and a higher level of service. Still, some clients feel more comfortable justifying to management going with a top 5 SEO consultancy. Just weigh up your options, budget and the SEO proposals and pitches presented to you.

Are SEOs in London better than SEO Consultants in Southampton?

There is a perception that London is the hub of digital and therefore ‘better’. It is certainly more competitive in London so being better at sales may need to be a necessity. The digital game is ever-changing including SEO and as long as your SEO Consultant / Agency has the experience and remain continually up-to-date. I like to look ahead of the game by anticipating the trends. By ensuring the SEO strategy and tactics employed are future-proofed so our clients benefit from this. I can’t stress enough how important the client/supplier fit is. Some may like to baffle with science or go hard on the sales. My concern is SEO success for my clients because my business depends on it.

How quickly should I expect to see SEO results?

Unfortunately, SEO is not an exact science and any SEO Consultant promising or guaranteeing results should be questioned. You are mostly at the mercy of a search engine’s algorithm which is continuously updated. Any good SEO Consultant will focus on promoting your expertise and USPs. Including expanding the authority; and the trustworthiness of your business. You may see initial results within 3-6 months. Typically, Local SEO results arrive sooner than national SEO rankings; these can take between 6-18 months to achieve. An experienced SEO Consultant will be versed in the area of Conversion Rate Optimisation and have this as part of the strategy. It’s not just about getting traffic to a website. It’s also converting that traffic into a phone call, website enquiry or online purchase.

What’s the difference between SEO and CRO are they the same thing?

Search Engine Optimisation and Conversion Rate Optimisation are not the same. If executed correctly, they make for a powerful and hopefully profitable combination. SEO is concerned with acquiring the rankings and positions that will attract quality traffic. Then it’s over to Conversion Rate Optimisation to encourage the relevant visitors convert into a lead/enquiry, which hopefully will translate into business.

What are the benefits of a Professional SEO Audit?

An SEO Audit, if executed correctly, will identify issues that may be preventing your site from reaching page one. Audits can also identify opportunities for improving overall organic search engine performance. Essentially, an SEO Audit can act as a health check for your website. They are keeping a check on crucial performance and security updates. WordPress websites are notorious for being left not updated, leaving a site vulnerable to hackers. So a website maintenance package is always advisable. Still, an SEO Audit Report will take this to the next level and ensure best practices adhere. To avoid losing those all-important website rankings. Any decent SEO Audit will identify issues and opportunities across the following areas; technical SEO, on and off-page SEO, content development & optimisation, social media optimisation and conversion rate optimisation.

Do you have any advice for doing SEO myself?

The best bit of advice for any budding SEO enthusiast is to optimise for robots and write for humans; coupled with ensuring you only utilise ethical SEO techniques. If it seems too good to be true, then it usually is. For example, you may see an advert buy 1000s of quality links and get your site to the top fast the chances are those links will not be good quality and will do more damage than good in the long-term. The EAT principle within SEO is a great one to keep in mind Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness of your brand. Focus on quality content that is useful, authoritative and promotes share-ability. At SEO Strategy we focus on quality content that is useful, authoritative and promotes share-ability. There are a few quality resources out there; MOZ beginner’s Guide, Neil Patel, SearchEngineLand that you can follow on LinkedIN and Twitter. We are also developing our own SEO Guide section; it is full of definitions, explanations and top SEO tips and advice. If you have a WordPress website, be careful on overloading it with an insane number of plugins that will slow it down. Use Google Page Speed Testing Tool to check on your site speed. Speed is a crucial factor to website visitors so not surprisingly, it is an essential factor in SEO.

Mobile-First WordPress Web Development

WordPress has become one of the most popular open-source Content Management Systems (CMS) available. Having been developing with WordPress since 2009, I regard myself as an experienced freelance WordPress web developer. There are many benefits that WordPress offers; however, there are also many pitfalls. The content management system is quite intuitive and easy to use, and the multitude of WordPress plugins allow for functionality. However, as such a popular platform, it has been known to be vulnerable to hack attacks, so security is paramount when dealing with a WordPress website. I’ve noticed that there tends to be an element of Plugin overkill, in particular when I inherit a site. Plugins can be an excellent way to extend functionality. Still, plugins can also add unwanted and unnecessary code that impacts negatively on the load speed. Furthermore, just like themes, if not updated, they can make your site vulnerable and exposed to a hack attack.

Ranking Factor 2021: Site Architecture and Google Page Experience 

Core Web Vitals will be mentioned more and more and it’s not surprising the vitals are centred around stability, security and speed. Focussing on mobile speed and mobile friendliness are not to be underestimated for this update. Unfortunately, Google will be dictating how websites should be built or at very least the standards and criteria they should be meeting. The proliferation of mobile is one to stay and this means the fancy, flashy designs where style is being chosen over substance will pay an even higher price tag. Our focus is on ensuring your brand is found so it can convert. If it isn’t being found and positioned the latter cannot happen. 

Integrated. Tailored. Unique.

By working with our clients in a long-term manner, we can work seamlessly as a valuable extension to your business. Rather than merely churning out campaigns. We pride ourselves on being able to offer our clients insight and objectivity, ultimately enhancing the online and overall marketing efforts of your business.

Quality. Commitment. Honesty.

Message from the owner (freelance SEO Consultant Sean Mullins): “We have a range of clients across a vast array of industries, and I believe in offering a service that is unique and tailored to your business needs. The commitment to providing a quality services means that at SEO Strategy, we will not compromise and accept every project. We work with clients that we perceive will be a good fit for our business. Our honest commitment is bold but is one that has served myself and business well over the past 12+ years. Our existing clients do not doubt as to what type of service they are receiving. Honesty and transparency is a vital ingredient to maintain long-term and successful relationships.”