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London is arguably the place to be for any Digital Agency and is a thriving hub for digital marketing and SEO professionals. To stand out in the crowd amongst the competition in London is a difficult feat. This may be one argument why to choose a london search engine optimisation consultancy or Freelance SEO Consultant as they are used to dealing in very competitive markets.

London for SEO Consultancy and SEO Consultant compared to large cities such as Manchester, Leeds and Southampton.

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Specialist Digital Marketing Agency: SEO Success for London Clients

An SEO Agency in London will not necessarily offer any different SEO Services compared to agencies outside London. Also, it’s not uncommon to find agencies that operate within a niche. Some agencies may be biased to the technical SEO side of things whereas another may specialise in Brand Development and Content Optimisation. There are some agencies that specialise in UX and Conversion Rate Optimisation. It is usually the role of a Business Owner, Marketing Manager or Marketing team to identify within the business / marketing plan where the biggest need exists and how best with the budget available to hire a consultant or agency.

In 2020 and beyond the world of SEO is very different, especially when a lot of users are finding the answers to their questions without even having to click into a website. There are also Local Listings on Google Maps (Google My Business) Results or extensions like call button in Google Ads, which means the user can call the company without even having to visit the company’s website. We have found that for industries, particularly those where the user wants to speak to someone the website is being bypassed which means appearing in Google Ads or on Google Maps is part of the overall SEO Strategy. An SEO Strategy which is not limited to just SEO is crucial and any responsible SEO Agency will not neglect the tools available within the digital toolbox.

London SEO: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between SEO Consultancy and SEO Agency?

In general terms a consultancy will focus on the long-term and overall strategic planning. Whereas an agency will focus on the “doing” and implementation of the plan. An SEO agency can be a digital agency that specialises in SEO but also offers general digital marketing services (branding, Web Development, PPC, Social Media, Content Marketing, Graphic Design etc). An SEO Consultancy or SEO Consultant will offer more targeted SEO services such as SEO planning, SEO Audits, Technical SEO etc.

How much does a Top London SEO Consultant cost?

This can vary greatly. Some Consultants may charge by the hour, some will charge a day rate. A day rate could cost between £250 and £700+. Dependent on the requirement and scope of work the cost will vary. For some companies they may suggest an SEO Audit. This tends to be a one-off exercise and could cost anywhere between £750 and £5,000. A complex, large e-commerce site would require a lot more investigation than a simple local business website.

How much does a London SEO Agency charge?

SEO agencies tend to work on a monthly retainer basis. SEO is a long-term undertaking and needs regular, consistent monitoring and implementation. A monthly SEO retainer would cost anywhere in the region of £500-£5,000 a month. This will largely depend on the scope of work, number of services. Make sure to give a detailed brief as possible so your SEO Agency can supply an accurate quote.

Which is better SEO or PPC?

SEO and PPC both have benefits. However, budgets do not tend to be endless. SEO is arguably more sustainable than Google Ads but the results aren’t instant. PPC allows you to send traffic to your website quickly but dependent on the level of competition the Cost Per Clicks can be very expensive. PPC and SEO can compliment each other very well. For those who do not trust the Google Ads (four at the top) and you appear on page one of Google, the chance of a website visit doubles, as your website would appear twice on the page (possibly three times if there is Google My Business Map listings).

Do you guarantee SEO Results?

The simple, short answer is no. No one can guarantee SEO results regardless of the claims they make. A good SEO Consultant will analyse and formulate an SEO plan. They should communicate what needs to be done and help you understand why certain measures will need to be implemented. For SEO to be successful it will need to integrate several different aspects. From branding, web development to content marketing through social media and user engagement optimisation.

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Leading SEO Agency London & Hampshire: Why should I choose The SEO Strategy Consultancy?

There are a range of reasons you may be considering the services of an SEO Agency. Your business may already be using an SEO Agency or Consultant but looking to make a change or have an in-house SEO Executive but looking to outsource this or require additional support or this is a completely new experience for you. Whatever the reason you are looking to employ the services of an SEO Consultancy, we want to have the chance to explore if we would be a good fit for you. We are always honest and not in a position to obtain every client. Integrity is important for us and we are happy to be honest and say when we don’t think the fit will be right for us. This could be down to personalities, egos, unrealistic expectations/budgets or the scope of work. 

We want to ensure our expertise are suitable for where you are at within your digital strategy and business plan. For example, an agency that specialises in branding, content, idea generation, social media, influencer marketing may not be suitable for a company that has loss rankings due to technical SEO reasons. In this case hiring the services of a digital agency that specialises in technical SEO like we do may more beneficial to tackle the root cause of the loss of rankings and ensure the site is meeting those SEO best practices, before focussing on the content and social media effort. With that said, influencer marketing is not a niche of ours and you’d be better suited to use someone like is that is an integral part of pushing your digital strategy to the next level.

At The SEO Strategy Consultancy London, we adopt a holistic approach and pride ourselves on being technically skilled but pragmatic and creative in a lateral way to drive relevant traffic to your website that has a good chance of converting. We could refer to ourselves as a digital marketing agency but our passion is SEO because search engine optimisation is all about placing the emphasis on user journey and user experience. The fact that EAT (Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness) is a fundamental concept within SEO means we are dealing with aspirational businesses that are striving to improve and operate ethically which is exactly the type of clients we enjoy working with. We do not cut corners and do not wish to work with anyone looking to do so. Quick wins that are “questionable” (dodgy) will always be caught out and we have a reputation to maintain.

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