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If WordPress is your Content Management System of choice, we know how important it is to ensure your website is working as a tool for your business. Attracting the traffic and enquiries that will convert into business and sales. WordPress is user-friendly, intuitive and flexible. The downside is, there are many pitfalls which can negatively impact on your overall SEO efforts. This is where our specialist WordPress SEO Consultants can help fine-tune and aim to improve your online efforts and presence.

Wordpress SEO Consultants

Professional WordPress SEO Services

WordPress SEO and WordPress Web Development are two distinct areas. Some clients will come to us with with an existing website seeking Technical SEO Consultancy. Ideally, we would build and optimise clients websites. The reason for this is we have a passion for building sites where SEO and User Experience is at the heart of the build. Treating search engine optimisation as an adjunct or afterthought can delay achieving SEO success. Arguably an SEO site takes a bit longer to work but it can reap the rewards in better rankings sooner. With that said in the game of SEO it is common for clients to have their site built and then call in the SEO professionals. But we want to champion the benefit of factoring SEO and UX from the outset. In a positive way, it can impact on site architecture, user journey, best practices, accessibility and conversion / goal focus.

Isn’t it just a case of using Yoast or RankMath plugins to optimise a WordPress Site?
These are both useful plugins. Very handy when adding in your own Meta Titles and Descriptions because they have a visual guide for character limits. Yoast is the leading SEO Plugin within the WordPress community entering the game in 2010. However, RankMath do not seem arrive to challenge the leading contender. Click here to see a feature comparison of RankMath vs Yoast.

Protect your brand: Act Strategically
Optimising and ranking websites is more than just implementing a few on-site technical aspects. Having a strategy plan with clear goals which is data driven is very important. Out of all the tools available to us digital marketing professionals, SEO tends to be a longer term tactic. However, it tends to transcend all layers of the marketing mix and business departments.

Challenge Thinking
For example, reviews are great as they can reinforce the brand proposition and give search engines social proof that your brand is credible. However, if an issue at customer service level triggers an influx of negative reviews this can potential lead to a serious negative impact on the search engine performance, rankings and online sentiment. Ultimately, harming the perception and trust within your brand and business. An SEO Consultant from their perspective would encourage more reviews and something like trustpilot as it can certainly help improve rankings and online trust. However, a strategic SEO Consultant would assess your current business infrastructure to ascertain the level of risk to your business. You do not want to open a floodgate that does more damage than good. Why are we mentioning? We encourage our clients to challenge thinking. We’ve inherited clients and questioned why they were doing something as part of their content marketing / social media strategy. For example, don’t tweet for tweet sake. If you’re tweeting 20 times a day and there isn’t one like, comment, retweet or traffic coming to your site then something isn’t working and that needs to be challenged and sense checked.