Site Page Speed & SEO Hosting

Importance of Website Site & Page Speed for SEO Effectiveness in 2020 and beyond

We’ve all been there before where a website is taking too long to load and give up and exit. The expectation of the user on websites these days is very high with patience being minimal. User experience is paramount. So it’s not surprising anything those aspects that contribute to a poor user experience will affect your site’s SEO performance.

“40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load.” (source Neil Patel)

Therefore, site speed (and in turn page speed) are factors indicated by Google are rankings factors within the algorithm.

There are so many factors that can impact on poor site and page speed:

  • Poor hosting (not necessarily cheap)
  • Bloated WordPress site (over use of plugins)
  • Too many images / videos (especially if not optimised for web
  • Lack of updates (php, wordpress core, theme, plugins etc)
  • No use of caching

SEO Hosting (What is it?)

Basically, it’s a service we offer. Where we ensure the site is kept up-to-date. You are made aware of any issues . A lot of clients will update sites themselves using WordPress CMS but SEO mistakes can be easy to make and not always obvious. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to upload bloated large images and slow your site down.

Do you host email?

The short answer is no but with good reason. Email is an extremely business critical function requiring specialist support (usually from an IT Company). Our concern is your website and SEO effectiveness.

How do you know a site’s page speed?

There are various tools to investigate and ascertain a site’s page speed. However, Google’s Page Speed Tool is the first port of call. You can go test your site now. Be mindful it can fluctuate but if it stays consistently poor, it’s worth having as an area to tackle. Also, desktop speed is easier to achieve a higher score than mobile. It’s worth thinking about your target audience and what their device of preference would be.

Google Page Speed