Mobile SEO

Mobile Marketing & Strategy Consultancy

As a strategic SEO agency, we focus on ensuring your business is found but there first needs to be a clear distinction between Desktop Search and Mobile Search; as they are different and both warrant your business’ attention.

We focus on:

The web has gone mobile and there a multitude of reasons why mobile needs to be incorporated into the overriding digital marketing strategy within your business, including:

  • Business Moves at Mobile Speed
  • Bring Your Own Device (BOYD) is the New Reality
  • Multiple Mobile Initiatives Cause Major Fragmentation– Make it One Person’s Day Job
  • A Mobile Strategist is an Objective Voice of Reason for the Increasingly Mobile Business
  • Mobile is No Longer a “One and Done”
  • Time is of the Essence
  • Poor Design is the Silent Killer
  • Mobile Adoption is a Major Concern
  • App Discoverability is the New Challenge

These factors combined have created an environment that has made it crucial for enterprises to evaluate their mobile strategy and who is tasked with leading that strategy today and tomorrow.  As the mobile channel continues to grow we expect to see this strategic role take flight in a big way. (source: Forbes)

What is mobile marketing and why is it important?

Mobile marketing is pretty self explanatory. It’s about marketing to those users on mobile devices (this can include tablets and the multitude of smart phone types). It’s important due to the fact how much time is spent on mobile devices. Google announced back in 2015 that more searches were happening on mobiles than desktops.