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What is Conversion Rate Optimisation or CRO?

CRO, is the process of enhancing your website and content to boost conversions. A conversion could be a phone call, online enquiry or getting a visitor to download a white paper or sign up to a mailing list. With CRO you are trying to get more engagement from your visitors. In other words maximise what you get from the visits to your website. It’s all well and good sending 100s of visits to a website but if all they do is bounce straight off what is the point. A high bounce rate is not good for SEO. It indicates to Google, those who visit the site, do not like it. So why would the search engine keep ranking a site highly if the metrics indicate no one is happy when they land on it.

What is the difference between SEO and CRO?

The way we see it, SEO is about visibility and getting visitors to your site. CRO is concerned with what happens when you’ve got the visitors to your site.

Why is CRO important in relation to SEO?

Getting visitors to a website is only half the job. CRO can inform SEO as mentioned above. If users are bouncing straight off your website this means you may need to re-think and interrogate the SEO / PPC efforts. When people say “Oh it’s a numbers game”, this is correct in many ways but quality, relevant visits will win over quantity because they have a higher chance of converting.

Is SEO Testing different to CRO Testing?

Yes. There is a key difference between SEO testing and CRO Testing. SEO testing would split the pages of your site. This works better with larger sites i.e an e-commerce site with lots of products. But you would only apply your changes (suspected improvements) and see if those pages perform any better or not compared to your existing page. CRO Testing would work in more of an A/B Split test, whereby you split the audience. So you would take a test page and one half of your audience would see one version and the rest would see a different version. This could be something as simple as trying different coloured buttons and seeing if one colour has a higher CTR of not.

CRO & SEO: Full Funnel Testing

You may have likely heard the popular buzz word ‘funnel’ or ‘marketing funnel’. It’s basically the process that guides a potential customer through their journey with your business. From them first becoming aware of your product/service through to where they ready to make a purchase decision for your product or service.

A full funnel test would start with SEO, being at the top of the funnel (when customers first become aware of your brand) and then include the CRO test. This can be quite a complex subject matter. However, the best example we can give is. SEO loves content. Lots of content can provide a user with lots of relevant and useful information. It allows a search engine to garner a lot of context and see the benefit to potential to visitors. But a page with reams of content and words may not actually convert better. So, the SEO test in isolation would indicate good rankings but you want your potential site visitor to pick up the phone, send an enquiry or buy a product. This is where you need the results of the CRO test.

So as you can see by combining the power of the SEO with CRO, you can generate the successful results you are hoping for.

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