Social Media Marketing & Advertising

Social Media has come a long way in last 10 years and offering out advertising opportunities has been a lucrative game changer. LinkedIN, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat and even TikTok (the mobile video app that’s popular among Gen Z) offer advertising opportunities for businesses.

Do I need a Social Media Advertising Consultant?

The social media platforms obviously want your money and aim to make it easy as possible for you to advertise. However, having an experienced professional handle social media advertising campaigns can maximise spend and the campaign effective and on the flip side can reduce the risk of budget being squandered unnecessarily or even worst an unprofessional or damaging depiction of your brand and business.

Social Media Advertising & SEO 

Social Media Advertising is not a perfect science and there is no rigid formula to follow. With that in mind exercising an element of testing and trial and error is worthwhile. For example, you could run a campaign which sends a lot of traffic to your website which is great, but if the landing page hasn’t been optimised it could cause a very high bounce rate. A high bounce rate is a negative for SEO, because it indicates visitors are not happy with the content they have landed on. Incorporating conversion rate optimisation techniques into your social media advertising is advisable. Campaign effectiveness needs to be managed, monitored and measured. The beauty of digital resides in its measurability and there are tools with the likes of google analytics, tag manager, facebook pixels etc to do this.

Social Media Advertising vs PPC

Pay Per Click can be very costly and is a different art form (or technical minefield) completely, which is why we cover PPC on a dedicated page on this website. However, Google Ads (PPC) can be very effective especially for those businesses that offer professional services that cover an “At need” service. For example, Law Firms tend to offer a service whereby their potential client can be in a position they are anxious, they are on their phone and they want to speak to someone quickly to alleviate their concerns. There are four Google Ads taking up a lot of the Search Results Page Virtual Real Estate Space and with the call button extension it can be quite enticing to steal a users click and prevent them from scrolling down further. This can be the same for those searching “lawyers near me” which is why with some clients, relying purely on SEO may not be the right tactic and bringing PPC into the overall strategy pays off.

A user actively searching and using Google as a first port of call is completely different to scrolling leisurely through social media and seeing a campaign ad that sparks their interest. For example, they could see a campaign that comes with a quiz / prize draw and they could find out about the campaign, enter the prize draw and the client has increased brand awareness and potentially obtained Facebook Like, Share or an email to market to (If they’ve consented to GDPR of course). In this case the argument and justification for social media advertising is justifiable and warranted.

Facebook Remarketing 

This is quite a technical area which we will be developing a dedicated service page for in the near future but if the meantime we recommend reading this useful and informative article from Wordstream:

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